At DC Media we have developed a global network of affiliates that provides a robust marketplace for businesses both big AND small to grow their exposure and drive sales. We work with our clients on an individual basis to create a performance based marketing strategy that fits their current and growing needs. Our core team of experts understand that every client has a different vision. Our passion is to create customized solutions for clients, delivering the best possible conversion rates for our affiliates and ROI for our advertisers.

Relationships matter, and that is why at DC Media we focus on developing long term partnerships with our clients that remain central to our core values. Strong partnerships are the cornerstone to success whether you are a 4 person team or a fortune 500 company. This critical connectivity facilitates the acquisition of targeted customers in an effective, timely, and affordable fashion.

Brand and campaign management go hand in hand in developing a comprehensive strategy incorporating the pertinent channels like social, affiliate marketing, mobile, paid search and email marketing. Our impact through Customer acquisition management is one of the primary means by which DC Media stands out from the competition helping you generate more new leads, more sales, and more customers.

Performance is power!


DC Media is a performance based marketing firm with over a decade in Cost Per Click experience. In today’s competitive world market we anticipate new challenges and see them as an opportunity to innovate and lead. DC Media has been instrumental in helping to create and standardize industry-wide compliance practices to maintain the integrity that our client’s deserve.

The seasoned executive team at DC Media brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to an ever-evolving industry. The Affiliate Network of DC Media is a global leader in promoting and marketing health and beauty products. We develop campaigns that fit our client’s current and growing needs.  We launch campaigns that convert and provide a foundation for brand growth and reputation.

We love what we do and it shows. We bring together innovation and advertising to help advertisers and affiliates build and expand their businesses. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with you!




Working directly with DC Media will ensure you the highest payouts. All our offers are exclusive with a guaranteed top payout.




We have partnered with Cake, a proven leader in real-time affiliate tracking to offer our affiliates the most robust and reliable tracking system to date.




We offer international campaigns complete with all localized languages and processing methods.




By keeping up with the latest product trends and consumer behavior as well as using real time optimization programs, DC Media always has the offers and pages that convert.



We manage, operate and optimize all our offers.



Are you an experienced affiliate that would like to work directly with your advertiser on a custom and exclusive sales flow? Let us build you a custom offer specifically for you and your traffic.



Google, Yahoo and Bing (among others) changed the way people find information online. This makes it easier to get your product to the consumer when they are actively searching for it. When you open up your campaign to Search Marketing through DC Media, you are putting yourself in the perfect place for huge returns. Search Marketing provides targeting options that allow us to optimize and fine tune your campaign. Using our robust analytical tools we  narrow down to the keywords, geographic locations, and time of day that get you the best results.

Without a comprehensive Search Marketing strategy, you are invisible to the billions of users searching every single day. Join us today and let us put you in front of the most targeted audience available online.


There are several areas to choose from in Display Marketing. It is an excellent choice for people looking for direct response traffic, branding, or a combination of both. Your ads will be displayed next to premium content on the popular websites around the world. Display Marketing is capable of delivering huge results in a short span of time. We can provide traffic through direct placements with top-tier publishers by utilizing our partnerships with principal ad exchanges. Your campaign is fully managed by DC Media, and we put our experience to work for you.


Our Sales Generation model is an ideal solution for advertisers with a virtual storefront, where advertisers only pay for performance. DC Media has built custom performance-based, cost per sale campaigns for hundreds of brands around the world. A Cost per Sale (CPS) campaign is a Digital Marketing Solution where you, as an advertiser, pays for each visitor who purchases your product via an advertisement placed by DC Media. By utilizing DC Media’ traffic sources, and coming to market with a Cost per Sale pricing model, DC Media is able to insert advertisements into Tier 1 traffic positions which have traditionally been reserved for brand name advertisers. With DC Media, you have the ability to compete with anyone.

  •  Real Time Reporting
  • Global Reach, target your campaign across more then 150 countries

Through our powerful internal traffic and strong relationships with direct traffic sources, DC Media drives thousands of sales daily, with the ability to scale up volume when needed.


DC Media is a digital marketing solutions provider that excels in performance marketing  delivering results for both Advertisers AND Publishers. In today’s 24-hour society, you need around the clock attention. Our core team of experts understand that every client has different needs. Our passion is to create customized solutions for clients, delivering the best possible conversion rates for our affiliates and ROI for our Advertisers. As a DC Media client, you will be provided with knowledgeable and dedicated account managers that will provide you the service you deserve.

Cost per User Acquisition

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Cost per Lead (CPL)

Cost per Install (CPI)

Cost per Sale (CPS)

Cost per Download (CPD)

Cost Per Inbound Call

Cost Per Mailing (CPM)

Cost Per View (CPV)


We are in the business of making clients happy with ad campaigns that are designed and developed to exceed ROI expectations.  Driving our commitment to excellence, our business is dependent on your satisfaction with our service.

No matter the product or idea, our objective is to supply results through targeted ad campaigns that have been optimized to give you the best results. With market research and our specifically designed data-driven campaigns, you will be assured of Tier 1 traffic. We have experts ready to help you manage systems, process payments and assist with any other aspects of your business.

Regardless of your market expansion, we are here to research and provide results, guaranteeing your success.

Lead Generation

Through DC Media’ multi-channel online approach, your clients will generate the leads they expect from their target audience. We create your client’s customized performance-based campaigns from start to finish. DC Media works with established brands, building effective campaigns to generate quality leads that convert. Through our robust network of affiliates, DC Media generates tens of thousands of leads a day with the ability to scale up volume when needed or scale down to meet your budgetary needs.


Launch an affiliate program fresh for your business

There are many crucial decisions that go into launching a new affiliate program. Am I using the right technology? How will my affiliate campaign perform with that technology? Will my affiliate program be able grow and meet future needs? All of these decisions will play a role in the profitability of the program. Let us help guide you on your path to success.

Rejuvenate and boost an already existing affiliate program

Affiliate programs do not last forever. Over time affiliate programs can end up stagnate, lagging behind on their potential and ROI goals. We can take a fresh perspective utilizing our comprehensive data analysis tools to help you make decisions that will regain traction and again convert traffic to sales.

Management of affiliate programs

Our staff of professional account managers will help guide you through the process from development to launch. As performance marketing continues to grow and evolve you need to be feel confident and place trust with those guiding you through this process. Whether we are establishing a brand new affiliate program or are reviving an older one, DC Media has the know how and experience to exceed your ROI goals.

Affiliate Networking

Affiliate networking platforms allow for analytical tracking, media hosting and on time commission pay-outs. Choosing the best affiliate networking programs will give your business an advantage in the performance based marketing arena. For the last decade we have forged strong relationships with the best of affiliate networks. We leverage those relationships in order to customize solutions for you and your business.

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